Professional ,friendly and caring dog grooming service

Professional Dog Grooming Service available where all dog's are groomed to Dog breed standard or to owners request.

Indulge your pet with the full make over treatment, groomed for stardom.The grooming takes place in a friendly, relaxed, caring environment where no dog is muzzled & all are treated with love and respect.

Some before and after pics, and other grooms!







The salon actually opens onto a fairly large garden, so if you dont mind your beloved pet getting a little untidy and not being in pristine condition on collection, I think its quite nice for them to come out here & play or laze around after their groom (as long as the weather is fine and all dog's are friendly).  Alternatively they can wait indoors with me which is traditionally what groomers do & be ready for you to collect-it is up to you!!

If your dog is nervous or has maybe had a bad experience at a previous 'groomers' or a puppy they can come for a 'socialising visit' where I will slowly introduce them to the bath, dryer, table, brushes etc...this tends to calm the dog down and helps when they come for a groom.


All grooms include Nail Trimming (also available solely) and cleaning of ears.

The length of time it takes to groom your dog will depend on..


Coat condition     Behaviour of dog         Frequency of visits

Please note that each dog is allocated up to a 2.5hr pamper session if the grooming session goes over this due to any of the above there will be an additional charge.

Animaltastic Grooming reserves the right to withdraw grooming services from dogs considered too old, difficult or dangerous to handle safely.

Ideally, all dogs should be groomed every 6 weeks or so but this will vary, depending on the breed of dog.

Please try whenever possible to book your doggie in for a groom inadvance and not leave it until things are really bad.This will be much kinder on your dog, and u will have peace of mind that an appt has been booked.I will ring you the week before to remind you.

Plesase contact us if you would like to book a pamper session for your dog or if you have any questions. 

Whether your dog needs the full works or simply a freshen up or nails clipped-Animaltastic can cater to all your needs from nails to tails.