Professional ,friendly and caring dog grooming service

Professional Dog Grooming Service where all dog's are groomed to Dog breed standard or to owners request.Indulge your pet with a full makeover groomed for stardom.

  Grooming takes place in a friendly, quiet, relaxed and caring garden salon. We only ever have one dog in at a time which helps alleviate levels of anxiety for your pet. We also offer a 'socializing' visit for all dogs, this is particularly good for nervous dogs & puppies.

No dogs are muzzled & all treated with love and respect.The welfare of your pet comes first, so a limited amount of time is spent trying to d-knot a badly matted coat. At the end of the day it is about your dogs happiness and well-being. 


Some before and after pics, and other grooms!






Grooming time will depend on coat condition and behaviour of your  dog, on average each dog is allocated a 2.5hr pamper session which includes nail trimming & ear cleaning/plucking. 

Ideally, most dogs should be groomed every 6-8 weeks please book in advance, we will send out a reminder a few days before. 

 If you have any questions, please just drop us a line.






 Animaltastic Grooming reserves the right to withdraw grooming services from dogs considered too old, difficult or dangerous to handle safely.Additional charges may apply.

Whether your dog needs the full works or simply a freshen up or nails clipped-Animaltastic can cater to all your needs from nails to tails.